About the Program

Productive paths is a program aimed at providing individual women and women-led organization with access to the internet, tools, training and tech support. The program, which his implemented by AirJaldi with support from USAID and DAI, is open to all women and women-led organizations within AirJaldi’s network reach. You can find more detailed information about the project here.

If you wish to know more about the program , please contact us at 1800-121-3648 or For general information about AirJaldi, please write us to

How To Join

Eligibility: women above the age of 18, women-led or women–focused businesses and institutions (not including k-12 schools) Locations – within AirJaldi’s coverage areas see here Cost: connectivity: one time subsidized installation cost and a monthly subsidized connectivity fee. Training, basic tools and tech support provided for free to all program participants Duration – at present the program will continue till February 28 2023. Enrollment open till September 2022.

Join Our Introduction To The Internet Training – IT’S FREE!

Whether you are enrolled as a full participant in our program or not, some of our training activities and resources are offered for everyone free of charge! Fill this form to enroll into our program as an external participant.